Soccer Highlights

Riley is in his third or fourth year now? of organized soccer. He has really done well and enjoys it a lot. We've only missed one practice due to the rain, but otherwise it has been great weather. He has a dedicated coach and another helper there on occasion, which makes all the difference as to how well he enjoys it.

I just got him signed up for a soccer day camp for the first week of July, which he's pretty excited about.

Liam is in soccer as well, but it hasn't been going so well. They have nearly 100 kids ages 4 and 5 who listen to one coach and then they break into small groups to practice what he showed them. Liam's little team has no small-group coach, so it is just kind of mayhem and a definite lack of enthusiasm. It is unfortunate, because he had SUCH a love for balls and soccer when he was really young, but I think he got sick of waiting on the sidelines and can't be bothered now. I guess we'll just wait a few more years til he's ready again. I think he needs to do something more like gymnastics or something. We'll see. I'll have to take a few pictures of him anyway, before the season is over.


Bloggy Mama said…
Cute!!! I was fortunate to get the chance to play soccer, when I was growing up. I still do, but I'm a little sidelined, this summer ;) So fun for your little guys to learn those skills!!
Heather said…
Riley has always been so athletic. I'ld love to see him & Liam play one of these days :)
Sarah said…
Heather...he plays at 8:30am on Saturday! you're here, aren't you!
Lisa said…
Riley is way too cute in that team picture! Good for him - he'll probably love the soccer camp! Jaxson likes playing soccer - but mostly because he gets to chat with his friends during the practices!

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