Saying goodbye is hard to do

I've said a lot of goodbyes in my days. I've lived in MANY different places and had to leave MANY friends in the years.
This is a little different.
Greg and I decided to move back home last year to be with our family. Both my siblings live in Salmon Arm. My brother, his wife and their 3 kids, and also my sister, her husband and their 2 kids. Greg and I both have our parents here. We have made the effort to get together at least once a week and have done all the birthdays/Christmas and other parties together.
Today it changes. My sister has left the pack. Due to financial reasons, her hubby has decided to move up north to work and help them pay off their debts, and though Anna stayed behind for a while, she is joining him today. Her and the kids are making the drive up to the Hoof (as we call it). It is a loooooonnnnnnggggg way away. Like a visit-twice-a-year far. I am not so happy about this.
I will try not to focus on the negative, but will really cherish the last year we all had together and hope that we made lasting memories, not just for us but for our children. I grew up without any cousins around, and always hoped that my kids would grow up really knowing theirs.
Bye Anna, Callie and Levi! I will miss you like crazy!

(photo by Craig Pulsifer)


Anonymous said…
Thinking of all you guys today!

Love & hugs,
Anna said…
Cut that out! I thought I was all cried out but apparently not. Thanks a lot! ;)

Love you lots and we're missing you already. We'll chat soon.
Sarah - your writing always expresses your heart so well! AMEN sniffle sniffle (it's Sat. am and I was not going to cry this morning - thanks!)
I'm so glad you made the efforts you did to get together over the last couple of years - I'm sure you've packed in lots of good memories. The cousins definatly had lots of opportunity for fun/fights together. Good memories.
Lisa Baerg said…
Oh that is just so sad for you guys. I know how you feel now with S & T moving away to Toronto. I don't really know when the next time we'll go out to see them will be. I'm sad for me but mostly sad for the cousin thing too. Sniff!
Bloggy Mama said…
We have family in the 'Hoof, too!! Sorry that you have to say goodbye for now.

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