Christmas is done, already?

Well, thankfully Greg is still off from work. But isn't it sad...all the anticipation and preparation, and then it's all over so fast!!
We had a great day. Spent the morning at home, then went to G's parents later in the morning and stayed til bedtime. Did some sledding, ate a lot of turkey. The kids did great and were so happy with everything.
Today Riley woke up at 4am and I found him downstairs setting up his new Wii game. I'm like, "Riley!! Not yet, buddy. It's only 4am and we have some sleeping yet to do." He was up as he had so many things he was so excited to play with!
Today we went on a sleigh ride, which was fun. I'll leave you with some shots....hoping you're all enjoying the holidays...

We still have more plans...the annual Davidson/Aylard Family hockey game tomorrow night. Our ugly sweater party the next. Riley's 7th birthday pool party the next night. New Years...


Always a joy to find a new blog, new photos, new backgrounds! Sounds like a good season for you. That sleigh is beautiful! ! I'm looking forward to coming over and having the boys show me all their new stuff!
Heather said…
Oh that looks like so much fun! Thanks for the photos :)

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