Home again

Greg and I did a whirlwind trip back to Calgary for his work party on Friday night. The kids were spread out among the family (THANK YOU!) so we could enjoy a quiet trip on the frigid road. Seriously it was so cold that I could barely pee in the toilet up in the Summit of the Roger's Pass. There was nearly an ice layer on the water in the loo and my body could barely function. The roads were thankfully clear and dry.
The work party was lots of fun, though there was some kind of problem with the heat and it was almost cold enough to need a coat during the entire evening. Greg works with a great crew of people and they are fun to hang out with. It was especially great to catch up with our good buds Andrew and Lisa. After a bit a vodka and dancing, I finally stopped shivering and enjoyed being a free adult, and actually forgot for a few seconds that I am usually at home preparing food and/or wiping bums.
We finished up most of our Christmas shopping in Calgary, while waiting in major lines of traffic and people in line-ups. It reminded me how glad I was to not be in a city with small children who really have a hard time waiting.
We stayed in a hotel which ended up hosting a native pow wow the same weekend. The first night we had to endure loud brawls and lots of swearing right outside our door. Oh well, we really did enjoy our time alone (the first time since Hawaii!), almost two years ago! And tonight, even though we loved the quiet, we were happy to reunite safely with our little men.


Anna said…
Glad you had a good time away. That's crazy about the icy toilets, the pow wow and that you hadn't been alone since Hawaii!
Lisa Baerg said…
It was great to see you guys again! And I thought the title of this post was supposed to be "Hey, I guess I like vodka!"!!! We also had some pow-wow action going on outside our door on another floor - too funny!
Glad you had a safe trip back home!
Bloggy Mama said…
Merry Christmas, Sarah. I hope that it was great!

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