Christmas letters?

Now that most of us have computer and internet access, with the ability to send off emails, blogs or messages...doesn't the idea of sending a Christmas letter seem a little bit of a repeat? I guess it does for me. I've been spilling out my guts about my life and what we're doing, most of the ups and the downs, and I figure that the people who really know me, know that I have a blog and check it out from time to time. Those that don't, get word from those who are reading it!
I had written up a Christmas letter last year, telling all about the huge changes in our life, the new baby, the new house, the move, the new schools etc. and then never did print it off. I felt like it was old news, and that the people I intended to mail a card to had heard it all.
There is something sad about that, in the sense that "real mail" is getting more and more foreign, and most news is old news. We get pictures in seconds on here, instead of waiting days and months to get an updated picture from someone.
I'm thinking I'll send out a few cards this year, with a family picture. If you're anything like me, you may have seen a million pictures, but are they in print?? I am needing to do it for myself as well, but first I'll send out a picture to a few friends. What do you intend to do this year?


You're right - the only people who now need our annual Christmas letters are those that we're distanced from in time and proximity. For me it's to the extended family and several faithful friends that we've made in every place we've ever lived! I like hearing from them at this time, so figure they probably feel the same way. I think sitting down and doing "the letter" is a good habit in that it helps me see the way I've spent my time, and recall many blessings and landmark occasions, even when it seems like nothing big happened. (I even like going to my parents and reading the mail THEY got!)
Kristin said…
I totally agree, I intend to send out a Christmas card with pictures of the kids, but no letter.
Lisa Baerg said…
Yup, I sent a card with a new family picture this year to friends and relatives. No letter. But I'm very proud to say that I've already mailed all of them!! That has got to be a first for me! I also love reading the letters that my parents get at their house!
Bloggy Mama said…
Ooh ooh, this year we made a DVD of some family videos and different photos in slideshows. It's way cool and a neat idea for those that have most of their "news", not actually new, ya know?

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