Calling it quits

No, I am not going to quit blogging. I enjoy letting others know how things are going and updating with photos EVEN when my friends do not do the same in return. Call me a "communicator-over-achiever". Even if none of my friends or even internet friends checked in, I would still be here because I do this for me as well.
(Shea is here too, we are right now....)

I went to the doctor today for a standard 18 month check up for Shea and to basically get a renewal of my birth control. We discussed the idea of me getting my tubes tied. He made it sound like it was no biggie, and knowing that hubby isn't exactly thrilled with getting "snipped"...I think it'll be up to me. Many things run through your mind when you make a pretty much permanent decision as such. Will I regret that I am unable to have more kids once I'm past this busy phase? If hubby were to die, would I want more kids with another man? If I were to lose a child, would I want to have another? Could I end up with some sort of weird side effect that is worse off than the birth control side-effects? Will the operation be terrible? I really have no idea. I don't plan to go in for the operation for another year or so, just to be sure that I want to make this FINAL and call it quits on the baby-making business that I've been in. Right now I'm SURE! but I don't want to jump the gun. In the meantime, I'm taking the pill for the one millionth time and doing my research and listening out for people who have had the operation. Feel free to inform me if you've had it done (and survived!).


Jen said…
LOL. Sarah you are so funny and always I get entertained reading your blog. Huge decision ahead. I can't comment that surgery but I am glad we are "done" and I am happy to be moving on. Never those words would ever cross my lips. Good Luck!
Kaili said…
I read your blog, just don't always comment. Sorry! How rude hey?
I wonder the feeling of knowing you are done having children. I'm not there, but thinking of it makes me sad. I guess cause I'm not there yet!

I know a mother who just had the operation, she had it at the same time as her c-section, but she is happy she did it!

I think I would feel sad at the thought that I could never bare another children from my own body, but I guess other things become exciting for that stage of life! And hey if you have a dying NEED to have another, you could adopt!
All the best in your decision making! I hear ya coming from a wife of a man who doesn't want a vasectomy also!
Bloggy Mama said…
Wow. I have to run off with a screaming daughter, but just wanted to say that this has been the topic of discussion in my house lately, as we have friends and family thinking of the same thing. I've heard only great things about the procedure. I wish you well.
Anonymous said…
Sarah its a huge huge decision. When I finally made the attempt to have a pre-operation appt. in 2007, my Dr. laughed heartily at our pregnancy test, that we had to take just to be sure, and said I guess you can either wait or have hubby make the appt..
We were so shocked and excited that another was on the way.
Since I had a c-section for the fourth time, we took the chance to have a tubal ligation finale. The finale is sad but a relief and quick recovery by all friends who have come before and after me that have had the procedure. And all of us have very thankful husbands, who are shell shocked at the thought of being "snipped". Daryl said warmly; Thank You for being my hero in this decision.

All the best and thanks for sharing too.

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