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Hi my old faithfuls!
Things are busy as usual at the Davidson house. We just had a lovely long weekend. The weather wasn't the greatest, so we spent most of the time indoors sorting and doing other projects.
When we moved into our house, there was a spindle that was broken on our railing looking from the kitchen down into the family room. It wasn't a big deal that it was loose as we used to have a table set up in front of it, but now that we've changed things around, there is nothing in front and it was a problem as Shea would stand against it and nearly fall through. Anyway...long story short...of course I can't find the exact missing spindle, and don't want to spend over $60 to replace every spindle, so for now, I bought an unmatching piece and have painted all the old ones (and the new one) white...just like our trim, to freshen it up a bit.
For now, an old plant rack is covering the space!

Luke helped me to chop them 4" shorter as the railing was higher than it needed to be and so this will increase the opening.
Here are the painted beauties...(2 days of tedious work!)

All ready for installation, then I'll have to patch the wall and paint where the railing had been! This turned out to be one of those huge projects just to replace one little broken spindle!!

Anyway...the Davidson family has many birthdays in November. We helped celebrate my MIL's...

Yesterday was my SIL's. This week is my niece's. Then it'll be mine at the end.
We are celebrating a few birthdays this weekend as G's whole family will be up. Greg's brother, his wife and his two girlies are staying with us.

Over the long weekend, the kids needed some things to do, so we made up a few projects for them as well.
Our home-made game...

And our home-made stitching cards...


Lisa Baerg said…
Ok Sarah, as I sit here staring at my lovely wood paneled and flowered walls, I'm starting to get a bit jealous of your gorgeous house! Although you are giving me lots of ideas for when we move back to our place in Calgary!
Have fun with the fam in town!
Bloggy Mama said…
What fun projects. I love your wall flowers ;) So fun, eh?

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