The presents are opened, the candles are blown...here went another year! I'm 32 today. Truth is, I don't feel any older than I did at 22.
Time flies when you're having fun.

We had our usual swim and potluck supper on Friday night with my siblings. Then on Saturday, we had 8 adults and 10 children here for a dinner and party. Greg made most of the meal and two desserts!

Quite spoiled, I know.

Here are the 8 grandkids together right before we stuck them all in bed. This was our last Friday night with Anna and her kids (sob sob). The next time we get them all together in a photo, there may be baby #9!?

Then today, Greg's parents had us and my parents over for a birthday lunch.
The only way this weekend could have been better is if my far-away friends could all be here too!
Thanks to all for your birthday wishes!


Anna said…
I love how in the top picture it just looks like I'm sweetly holding Luke's hand but really I'm just trying to keep him from sticking his finger up his nose!

Happy birthday Sarah. It was a fun party.
Lisa Baerg said…
Happy birthday!
Good chatting with you last night - I hope you got my card. This time I actually sent it on time, and can honestly blame Canada Post if it's not there yet!
Anyway, cheers for the next 32 years!!
Bloggy Mama said…
Who's preggo? Happy Belated. I love your haircut!
Sarah said…
Lisa, yes I got my card on the Monday (Dec.1) good work! I always suck at getting cards out in time.
Elizabeth, my sis n law Pam is due in March with baby #4. A big surprise for us all!

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