Gone and back again

Well I had a wonderful week away. Did you miss me? My boys were having so much fun being "farmed" out to friends and family and spending so much quality time with daddy, that they didn't miss me very much at all! I guess this means I can go away more often!
My friend Michelle was a great host and made sure I took it easy. She and Heidi treated me to 45 minutes at a massage therapist. My friend Jen hosted a b-day fondue party for me at her place. I got to see a lot of childhood friends and visit my old church and drive by my old house. So many memories flood into mind as I walked through my old Sunday school class and drove down 8th avenue, as I went to say hi to my old co-workers at Interior and passed by the highschool. It's always good to go back and reflect on life a bit. It was good to get a chance to BREATHE and hang out with adults. To just regroup. Also I had Shea with me and it was nice to bond with just him. He was great and was totally spoiled as well. My life has truly been chaotic since about March, when we were busy with moving, having a baby and then living in a new home with 3 kids. I really needed the chance to just step back from it all and get a fresh perspective. So thanks to all who let that happen!
Now today is my birthday! and I am a whole 31 years old. Party!


The Foulds said…
Happy Birthday Sarah!
Glad you had a great time away. :)
Angella said…
Glad you had a great trip!

Heather said…
Whooo hooo! Happy Birthday! Glad you had such a wonderful trip :)

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