I need a holiday

...and I am going on one tomorrow!
Only little Shea and I are flying up north to Smithers for a week of hanging out with friends and taking naps :) and just having fun. Greg and my family will be doing the stuff I normally do every day for me (yay). It is a treat to get a break from the usual. I still will be up with my coughing baby through the night and have to watch him 24/7, but it will still be quite a break. I was daydreaming about it yesterday while I was trying to make supper and had Liam asking me a million questions while Riley was racing around yelling and baby was screaming. It was so peaceful. NOT.
I'm a little nervous about taking Shea on the plane as he has his cold still and I hope his ears aren't sore, but at least with flying it won't take us 14 hours of driving to get there!!
Can't wait to see my friends soon! I won't bring my computer, so see you in a week!


karen said…
have fun!

One kid will seem so easy!
Heather said…
Have safe trip :)
Rachel Brooke said…
have fun!
p.s. you look like Julia Roberts here!

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