Baby time!

Today we heard the wonderful news that Greg's brother Glen and his wife Bri had their second baby girl today, Olivia Elizabeth.

Hard to believe that little Ava is already a big sister!! Congratulations guys!!
That makes 5 nieces for us. We can't wait to meet her. I'm sure one day she'll be great buds with Shea, just like Riley and Claire, who are about the same age distance apart.
I have two friends who also had baby girls this past week. It's just been a girl month.

I have been rather absent from the internet these past days...sometimes finding time to read blogs, but rarely to I'm sending out a sorry to all who feel neglected. I'm just in this insanely busy season of life I guess. Tending to a sick baby and also trying to take more time for devotions etc. I am sooo behind on sleep it isn't even funny, so I'm going to head to sandland.


ruth said…
I knew we wouldn't be the first among our friends to have babies but I thought we'd catch up somewhere around the second round. Alita's pregnant with her fourth, Michelle with her fifth so I guess I was wrong!! One of these days we Lepps will decide we're finally 'ready'. Send our congrats on to Glen and Bri-you all are braver than we...;)

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