Just don't

This Sunday I had a lady at church ask me if I was pregnant. Umm...not the best question to ask. Especially cuz I'm NOT pregnant!! I was wearing this not so flattering dress with an empire waist and was maybe a little bloated...but even so. It does not justify asking that question! EVER! And funny thing...it wasn't the first time. A few months after I had Liam, I was shopping and some friends of Heather asked the same stupid question. Sure I had a hoodie on, with my wallet in the front pocket. But STILL! Just don't! I'm sure if someone is pregnant, they will TELL you. And if they haven't told you, they obviously don't want you to know.


Bri said…
With all the "Are you preggers?" horror stories in the world, I am sooo shock that people keep asking that question. It's like asking "so how much weight have you gained since I saw you last?", or "do you really think you need that third brownie?" Here's the thing, if you have to ask, don't and if you don't have to ask STILL DON'T. Chances are pretty good that it'll come up in conversation.
To relate, I had a clerk ask me when I was due three weeks after I had had Ava and was feeling pretty 'skinny' (or so I thought). With all the hormones a'flowin that lady was pretty much asking for it. Lucky for her I was out of ninja stars!
Heather said…
I don't see how she could think that. You look awesome Sarah!
Angella said…
Some people...From the pictures I've seen of you, I have NO IDEA why she would ask you that!


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