I love Liam

I mean, how could you not?
He is SO fun. He is just over 2 now, and busy as ever and hitting the "terrible two's", but is generally just a really great little person. Maybe it is due to him being second-born...but he is always up for a party. He is the ultimate cheer leader. Loves to join in any dance, song, game or activity. Today at church (which is outdoors)...the SS kids were playing Red Rover. Liam was watching from the swing set, and as soon as he saw there was a game going on and how much fun it was, he came running over. Every time they called anyone across, he would go running too, and would put his head down and charge through (or into) anyone who was in his path. He loved it. Everything is 100% with that kid. Tonight we played street hockey with the neighbor boy and Liam was right in there with his little stick and his big hoots and cheers. And boy can he talk. He can say anything he wants to, and well. He seems ahead of the game in most areas. "Dad I just saw two horses out my window" was his sentence today. Check out "My videos" for some cute animal noises he did awhile back. Gotta get that video camera out for some more recent footage. Potty training is going well too and he woke up dry from night and nap today and peed in the potty when he got up...yay. Anyway...he's going to be fun to have around as he grows. My mom says he reminds her of me when I was his age. She used to have to walk out of the church service cuz I would be saying or doing little things that would make her giggle uncontrollably.
It's fun how our kids are so different from eachother as well. I can't say I bond as easily with Riley, but at the same time, I love that he's not like me. He is fun in his own quiet ways. Strange thing is that he's almost exactly like his daddy...so once his ways are matured and fine-tuned...he'll be an amazing man like G turned out to be!
Anyway...it's fun to be able to watch little personalities "become".


Anna said…
How could you not indeed?!? What a cutie! I love Liam too...I wish we lived closer together to hear all his expressions and see them too! It's so cute that he just jumps right in to whatever is going on...no inhibitions. One of my favorite pics of him is when he's running down the field at Riley's soccer game. That's great. I love when G hoots and hollers and Liam gets this big grin and joins in. Too fun! Can't wait to see you and the boys again soon.
Heather said…
Awww... Yeah he is a real special kid. Who knows what all he accomplish as he grows up. He is already famous in my books.
Angella said…
So sweet! And I posted about MY baby last night. :)

God must have given us the same nudge of love for our younger ones yesterday :)

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