From the mouth of Riley

Last night after we had been talking about needing to get Riley a new helmet, Greg reached over for his computer.
"Dad, are you just getting your computer so you can show me a picture of the helmet we want to get?"
Yes Riley. You're so smart. We're thinking the same.
"Ya daddy, we've got the same brain!"

I've been writing down his quotes for awhile now...a good thing, cuz I barely remembered them. So I thought I'd share some....

Sept21/2004 almost 3yrs old
" are my favorite mommy."
First thing he said to me one morning with his hand on my face when I woke up.

Jan12/2005 3yrs 2weeks
I was trying to teach Riley the saying....Seeya later alligator, and he said back..."In awhile dinosaur."

Riley and I were painting and Riley says...."Should the sun be yellow, mommy?!"
Yes. "Why?" Cuz God made it yellow.
"Did He just get a ladder??"

Same day...
He asked me..."what's this mom?"
I said, "A penny whistle. Just like penny money."
And he said, "Or like penny (penne) noodles??"
Yes Riley

When Riley was 3, he was always confused from his trampoline jargon, and would mistakenly call raindrops, bumdrops!
"Mom! A bumdrop just landed on my head!!"

I was saying to Riley that maybe we will fly up to see Nanny and Papa in a big airplane. His eyes got big and he said..."Oh, maybe we can bring those speaker things (earphones) and the driver can turn on some music for us to listen to."
I corrected him saying, "Yes, maybe the pilot could put some music on".
And he said...."MOM, pirates drive boats, not planes!!"
He still can't say "L's", so pilot and pirate sound exactly the same!!

So Riley says to me ...
"Come see these cars mom...they are on their honeymoon...they just got married."
Oh, where are they going on their honeymoon?
"Vanderhoof" (A tiny hick-town up north where my parents lived.)
Oh, what can they do for fun in Vanderhoof?
"They can shave....they can talk to nanny up there......they could bring some computers......"

"Do you know how sleepy I am mommy?" Fourty pounds sleepy. That's a lot of sleep."

The wild little bunnies in the feild across the street from us were eating away and Riley says...."Hey....I'll be right back. I don't want those bunnies to eat all those crabby apples."
(they are crab apples)

Riley went out biking with Daddy on Saturday morning, and it turned out to be a little too cold...wishing they had brought mitts. Daddy says...Hey Riley, maybe we should bike over to Tim Hortons and grab some hot chocolate. And Riley says....there is a new Starbucks just over there...I think you'd like that better.
(A very good example of how Riley is like his dad, and picks up on things that people like without us needing to say a thing.)

The other day I caught Riley singing....
Home, home on the range....
Where the deer and the ants are OK....


Anna said…
I need to print this post out! Those are priceless. I hadn't heard all of cute. I like the Starbucks one.
The Foulds said…
Ha ha I like the "deers and the ants are OK", very cute! I like the Starbucks one too.
Heather said…
So cute! Good for you for writing it all down! Way to go Mommy!

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