Home again

We had a great trip back to Salmon Arm...staying for the week and visiting with everyone possible. Our list of relatives and friends that lives there is getting longer and our days there are socially full to the max. I love it. I love how people in small towns just get together to hang out and don't have to make huge plans, drive far, and the fun is not expensive. It's one of those small town perks. Oh, and the free babysitting helps too. I found it a bit of a juggling act though...trying to visit with both sides of the family and sometimes wanting to be 2 places at once.
My parents are adjusting to life back in the "arm"...still unsure of what the future holds for them. SO weird to drive down my old street and have them living in the basement of our old house. I had so many deja vouz. The week ended up being emotionally full to the max too...many family members dealing with various things...or just adjusting to new stages in their life, lots of sad mixed with lots of happy. Babies, marriages, moves, sicknesses, jobs, breakups...the whole spectrum.
The boys enjoyed the beach, the friends and the fruit. I think they are happy to be home too...and are currently playing trains with the suitcases laying around. The house is a disaster.
My garden is hugely overgrown...amazing what it can do in a week without you watching it like a toaster about to pop. The peas and sunflowers have reached the top of the fence now.
So there is lots to do today. I think I'll just keep my pj's on.


Angella said…
I hear ya on the garden! Mine went CRAZY last week.

Sounds like a good trip :)

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