Happy May!

It made my day today when the physio and I got a 93 year old gentleman up to stand for his first time during his hospital stay. His family (two daughters and a wife) were at his side cheering him on and crying their eyes out...and I was feeling rather choked up myself!! I guess he has been really weak (congestive heart failure) and has been laying around for quite awhile. When he got up to stand, which he did really well, he actually started grooving like he was about to dance which made everyone chuckle. Ahh, it's moments like that which make my job so enjoyable. We've stood with many elderly people in their final days, and it's always so bittersweet. Most family members have a hard time watching their sick loved one laying around in a hospital bed, and I agree that they look totally different when they are up, even sitting at the edge of the bed. They look more alive. Most patients are thankful for a new position and enjoy the freedom of being able to move around (with our help). Work has been a little harder lately because the therapists do a switch between outpatients and inpatients every 6 months, and so my physio is now doing outpatients and I have two new therapists who job share working with me. They work one week on, one week off, so I have to sort of keep them filled in on what happened while they were away for the week. They also work very differently and so have different styles and priorities! On top of that, we have a first year physio student that they are trying to train! It has made my job a little more scrambled, but I'm still enjoying it. The time is flying so fast, and I can't believe it's already May. It'll soon be summer! Greg and I leveled out that second dumptruck full of dirt, and put in new landscape ties and a rock path. We are ready for the turf which arrives on FRIDAY! I'm so excited, I could squeal. I will definitely take more pictures and let you see the end product on the weekend. I'm hoping we'll be able to walk on it by the time we have Shea's 6th party. We're already planning his SHARK/beach party!!!


Anonymous said…
Yay for STANDING! ! and Yay for BDay party on fresh grass?!!! Whoo hoo bring on the water balloons and sun-shine.
Anonymous said…
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