what's next?

Time flies when you're having fun! (and you're terribly busy!) I am in disbelief that we're almost into June. My baby is turning 6 in a week! and we're having his party this weekend! He's almost done kindergarten! I'm also nearing the end of my position at the hospital! In exactly two months, that chapter of my life will end, and who knows what will come next. It's rather sad. I know the timing has definitely been God's timing though, as I will be able to take August off, and then plans are in the works for 10 or more new rehab beds to open in a place near the hospital...called "Pathways to Home" after the summer! As the title suggests, the focus will be intense rehab to get the client in a position where he can get back to his home. Most of these patients will come from the hospital. I know they will need to hire a few rehab assistants, and I already have had one lady approach me who would love to job share. Honestly, I love being in the hospital, and all the crazy madness that acute care brings. I am getting to know many of the nurses, and love working with the physios. Crazy as it is, I even love working full time. I also know that I can't be as good of a housekeeper, mom and friend when I'm working all the time either. So something will have to give. I may end up in this new place, which is a part of a care home, and will be a much slower pace. But who knows, maybe I'll love it even more. So ya, I'll keep you updated. My boss hasn't been able to share all the details of it yet as it's still in the works. So life is interesting, and definitely moving quickly. I need to start planning for some summer vacation!


Anonymous said…
Yeah - pretty exciting and crazy how the time just slips by! It's been great to see how you've risen to the occasion to handle the "whole ball of wax" and enjoy what you're doing. We know that God will continue to lead you and help you find the next phase. HUGS! MomE

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