Meet the pets

Last week we decided we hadn't had fish in awhile and needed some more. So Liam and Riley bought a fighting fish "Swimmy" and "Sammy". They are a gorgeous royal blue and teal. At the pet store they were oohing and awwing over any other pet they saw. "Do you think Daddy would EVER let us have a hamster?" Knowing their dad has never had one, and just thinks of them as stinky rodents, I told them..."Well, you'd have a much better chance if you let mom ask him, instead of you all begging and pleading". Sure enough, dad gave the ok, and on Saturday we brought home our first REAL pet, Nibbles. Oh my goodness the boys are so in love with her! I only let them take her out in the bathroom so she can't run away, or if they put her in the clear ball. She is a squirmer...mostly cuz she's little. I think only 2 months old. So far hasn't been a biter. Thank goodness, as one of the pet stores we went to had one hamster that they wouldn't even sell us cuz it was such a nasty biter, so I got really nervous! So wish us luck. Who knows, if this goes well, we might work up to a puppy...give us a few years! The boys are seriously all joy and giggles this week with the hamster, I can't even imagine how much fun they'd have with a dog! Aww.


Anonymous said…
Oh cute! ! the fish are beautiful and the hamster looks like fun. Like I said to Grandma D. I think the hamster is probably a lot less work than a puppy :) (but then it can't go out for walks with you and play and greet you at the door whenever you come home :)

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