Riley, at 11 years, has started to turn some corners, and is a real pleasant little man. He and his dad can butt heads at times, but I find him pretty easy as long as he isn't bored. He's more willing to step in and help and will do most anything as long as he's not overtired or underfed! He's starting to converse more, and if you catch him on his own and in the right mood, he'll talk your ear off. He isn't overly outgoing or confident, but he is willing to go off to the rink skating on his own, and will talk to whoever is around. He is always game to try anything new, and is hoping to skate ski this week with his aunt. I'm still praying he finds some good close friends, but for now, he hangs out with his cousins and has a blast snowboarding with his dad on weekends. There is the odd time that he and I get some one-on-one time between my work and picking up the other two boys.
Shea, on the other-hand, has been a bit of a handful. He had such a rough two months of being sick, and now has had a hard time after the Christmas break to be put back on a schedule. He is really tired after school and daycare, and I find by the time I get him at 5pm, he has no more focus or any desire to look you in the eye and actually talk or pay attention. He gets so excited for weekends and he holds two fingers up and tells the daycare staff that he gets "2 days off". Poor kid thinks he's so hard done by!!? He is a tech junkie and I find it hard to pull him off the computers and games. He loves to bug Liam to death, and the two of them are at it constantly. I think he's still doing well in school and haven't had any complaints at daycare, so I'm hoping he's only acting poorly when I'm involved!!? We do enjoy our quiet Saturdays together while the boys are up skiing. I'm sad he's growing up so fast, and can't believe he's coming up on 6.


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