Yay!! We got into preschool! And not a moment too soon! Shea got into a class with his buddy on Tues/Thurs. mornings. He starts officially on Thursday, but we got to go check out the classroom and meet the teachers today.

Here are all three of my cuties...dressed and ready for school. Riley is in grade 5!! Liam in grade 2!! We biked together and they seemed so comfortable and calm for the first day. It made me grateful that we didn't have to move! They won't find out their new teacher or classes til tomorrow.
Due to the fact that the teachers are involved in a job action with the provincial gov't, they are no longer covering recess time. What?? So they miss recess and let the kids out early. My kids are done school at 1:55pm! Isn't that nuts?? They start at 8:10am. I so wish that they started later and ended later. Oh well, I guess it is better than them being on strike.
So with Shea being in preschool, I will have 5 whole hours on my own a week. Ya, still not much, but more than ever before, so I will savor those 5 hours.


Anonymous said…
I can't believe how pumped Shea is about pre-school! That is pretty cute! FIVE whole hours to call your own - eek a-freaka! mmmm, sit in the living room and stare at the walls for a while? go for tea at Pam's? long walk? the library? enjoy! ! MomE

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