Pictures of projects...

Here's the pears I finished up today...I had done 14 jars on Saturday and did 21 more today. So I have 35 of pears and peaches!

I put G to work, stripping the old finish off our door and sanding it down. BIG job!! It was covered in a few old layers of varnish that was yellow, cracked and peeling. It will look SO great!!

This is my kitchen now that I painted the window wall taupe. (Yes, now it's a lot of taupe/cream/white going on.) Definitely brighter and will have to do til we get tile.


Anonymous said…
Hey - I like those painted backsplashes that I've seen, and I really like those two placemats that you've got by the stove . . . maybe you could paint those kind of "tiles" over the taupe paint? MomE
Anna said…
So many things to say! First, I'm super jealous of your canning. I SO wish I had gotten on top of things and done it this year. Second, can't wait to see the door when it's done; I think it's going to be gorgeous. (Way to go G!!) Third, good (all be it temporary) solution to your dark kitchen. I think it looks good. :)

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