Things are good. Life is busy and we are enjoying fall.
Greg has been busy with contracts and now it is looking like it will turn into full time work. We are so thankful and happy that things are working out (even though it was right down to the wire!).
All the boys are doing well in school and enjoying their teachers. Liam's teacher taught for a few years in Africa, and her husband will come in on occasion to tell interesting stories from the wild!
Shea is enjoying helping me cook and clean while the boys are out, or will beg me to draw with chalk on the driveway with him. He seems to prefer that so much more than coloring on paper! His teachers are creative and have him paint with marbles, fingers and today...chocolate pudding!
I had to buy myself a watch today because I can easily lose track of time while Shea is in preschool and I'm off wandering downtown! Last week I got to go out for coffee with a girlfriend sans the preschoolers and it was so relaxed!! Today I managed to grocery shop, put the groceries away, clean outside windows, and drive back downtown to find a new watch all in the time that Shea was in school. Productive!!!


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