Back to School!

There went summer!
We did so much again this summer, and though it was still slightly chaotic and is getting a little easier. They can all put on their own shoes, ride their bikes, nearly all swim and don't really need naps. So we have progress.
There is such a mix of freedom being that I'm a SAHM and we are able to go out and do numerous activities but then also boredom as we almost get sick of being with each other every day and trying to find enough to do.
For some reason our street shuts down in the summer and hardly any child is in the area. I knew summer as going out after breakfast and coming in at sundown...but my kids don't have anyone on the street to play with so they want to play with me or some other technological device! Sad really. Weekends were busier with family and friends and the odd day trips. But now it'll be good to get back to a schedule and for my kids to see other kids other than their siblings!
Riley starts grade 5 tomorrow! and Liam grade 2! I didn't get Shea registered in preschool soon enough (as we thought we might be moving) so I'm on a wait list for him. :( I'm hoping the boys adjust well and especially that Riley will have an easier year. I'll report back with pictures tomorrow!


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