Self Esteem

You've heard me compare myself to the "Old Woman who lived in a Shoe"? (She had so many children, she didn't know what to do?) Ya, that was referring to those moments where I feel SO outnumbered. I really honestly want to do the right thing with my kids, and meet their individual needs, but sometimes being pulled in three directions makes it seem impossible. I want to help them problem solve and not lash out in anger. I want them to feel loved, happy and important. I want them to feel appreciated and heard. I want to help teach them things and give them good eye contact and learn social skills. But alas, I often feel like I'm only able to give each of them about 30% of me while the rest is shared with their siblings and other jobs I have going on at the same time.
I've been talking to a lady who was sharing some info with me that I thought would be important to share to you other mothers out there.
"Ten Caring Ways to Connect with Children Each Day"

1. Compassion: Honor all of your feelings, and listen with empathy to each other.

2. Clear communication: Express your emotions simply, and speak from the heart together.

3. Creativity: Try new things, be playful, and invite the unexpected.

4. Consistency: Do what you say, and say what you mean each day.

5. Challenge: Approach problems with positive expectancy, and learn from the challenges.

6. Cheerfulness: Embrace the day with lightheartedness, and learn to enjoy life.

7. Confidence: Trust and believe in your own talents and in the abilities of others.

8. Calmness: Breathe and live from a calm center within yourself each day.

9. Clear agreements: Create clear agreements and rules that everyone understands and feels good about.

10. Commitment: Be committed to being true to yourself and honest with others each day.

That's a good challenge, isn't it.
Then eventually, over time...we might be able to take after the book "Positively Mother Goose" and change our rhyme to...
"The Bold Woman Who lived in a Shoe"
There was a bold woman who lived in a shoe. She had many children and knew what to do. "You all are so lovable, with special gifts", she said. She hugged them all fondly and tucked them in bed.


Lisa said…
Sarah I know what you're saying. Good advise.
Having the boys at 9, 6, and 3 years old - I find they are all in very different stages of life. Plus I know that I raise my voice too often b/c they don't even listen to that anymore! I've been doing a lot of deep breathing lately (I'm getting light headed!) and have started whispering instead b/c then they actually pay attention to what I'm saying!
I think you're doing great - we shall make it past this phase too.
Avital said…
This is such a great list. Thank you for sharing it!

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