Party it up

I won't apologize for the lack of posts, as I've been doing you a favor and sparing you the boring details of my life! My days have consisted of baking, laundry, cleaning, shopping, disciplining, exercising and the usual. Such an exciting life I lead!
One fun thing is that it is birthday month!
Tomorrow my middle son turns 7! Wow. It goes so fast. We rented him the multipurpose room at the ice rink, where he and 7 friends and his 2 brothers will have cake and go skating. I've never had a party for Liam outside our house before! so this is new and fun for all of us. I am trying to think of all the food things and decor I have to bring with me. Here's the cake...

I'll take lots of pictures of the actual birthday kid tomorrow!
He is growing so much this year. He is doing great at his reading, writing and math. He seems comfortable with everyone in his class but still is rather shy to speak out or perform! Not at home though! He informed me yesterday that he wants to sign up for break-dancing. I guess I'd better look into it, as most other sports he is rather ho-hum about!
Greg has his birthday this week, as well as my brother, nephew and niece later in the month. We will have a big family birthday party on the 20th to cover those ones!


Cake looks great! I can't wait to see Liam break-dancing! !

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