Heading down

So I'm going down to the coast for my Oma's funeral today. It will be a quick trip down and back as I'm going with my brother who needs to get back to finish a job. I am glad to go and get a little breather from the boys. I have been so tired just trying to keep the boys busy for 12 hours that when they head to bed, I'm ready to go too! The weather is still slightly miserable to be outside, so we're already getting a little bored of our movies, playdo and card games. Shea is LOVING his daily swim lesson and asks me every morning if he gets to go. I realized it is the first thing that has ever been for him. Typically it is he and I sitting on the bench watching the "big boys" do something. Finally it is his turn and he is so tickled. He is doing great and has a perma-grin on his face the whole time. He is going to love preschool next fall.
So anyway...I'll be back soon and hope to take some pictures to share with you.



So glad you were there! and I love the little Easter Chickies!

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