Riley begs us all day long to play with him. Can you play hockey mom?? Can you play hacky sack? Please mom? Play lego??
Liam isn't the best at playing along. If the two of them could only realize that they could have fun together, they could have someone to play with all day long!! Unfortunately they are ultra competitive and don't always enjoy the same games.
I gave in today and played Monopoly with Riley. You all know that Monopoly is a LONG game. I don't mind the game...I just don't like playing it all day. I say "no" to games a lot because not only does it take a lot of time, but we have a certain little Shea man who likes to stick his nose into everything and cause it to be less than enjoyable for all!! Anyway, today it worked...we got Shea set up doing something. Liam left with dad for town and Riley and I played...
For t w o and a h a l f HOURS.
On hour two...out came the camera...(what can I say, I was getting bored)

I built nine hotels and creamed him. Poor kid shed some tears. He hates losing. I think we'll be done playing monopoly for awhile. At least a few days anyway.


Lisa said…
Oh man our boys are totally into Monopoly right now too! What. a. long. game.
Very impressed that you lasted over 2 hours!
Hah - ruthless hotel building is a sneaky way to discourage a re-match! Maybe a shorter, simpler game will be found : )
Papa suggests picking a length of time to play, set a timer, and when it's over count up your assests to find the winner.
Anna said…
Do you guys have battleship?

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