Dressed up

Also just wanted to send out a big hug to some of my blog friends, Royden and Ruth who said goodbye to their dad last night. We know their family personally as they went to church with us during our teen years, and we got to know some of what a great dad he was. I always love reading their blog and thought I should send you over there to send them your well wishes. So thankful for their hope in God and His promises to us.
Last night was rather strange actually, as we had a massive wind storm and the power was out for a few hours. My Liam had just gone to bed, and when the power went out, he got a little scared and so I had him come join me on the couch with a few candles glowing and we watched the trees swaying out the window. It is rare for the power to be out here, so it was quite the little adventure for him. It was during this unusually quiet time with no lights, Tv's, computers, distractions...that the angels had come down to grab Mr. Lepp and take him off to heaven. I am curious how that evening played out at their place and trust that though it must have been awful to let him go, that they knew he had finished his race here on earth.


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