Debbie downer

My blog has been quiet, I know. To people who find pictures boring, it must be a really sad waste of time.
I did end up getting sick. A miserable head cold, complete with a fever and headache. Thankfully it was fast and furious and I felt much better 3 days later. Today I actually ventured out to bootcamp and did not too bad for how weak I had felt the few days earlier.
The boys have been so challenging (as usual). I really could use prayers for endurance. I hate being disappointed in my children, and worst of all, hate that they don't care when I'm disappointed. I have yet to figure out what motivates them. What will work to make them understand that we need to work together, not fight the entire day. So obviously, that is frustrating and I'm embarrassed to even write it down, as I'd sure love to have you think I've got this parenting thing mastered.
Anyhow, that is pretty much my life right now. Along with two other highly stressful situations to make life just so much easier (not).
I am enjoying my workouts with friends 3x a week which is good for my state of mind for sure, and a release of pent up anger!! I still go knitting once a week (also very therapeutic). We also started going to a care group, which has been nice to connect to people and also to have one night a week we don't have to put the kids to bed! So ya, I don't want to sound like a complete downer and have you think my life is a wreck. We're doing what we can!! Pray for endurance for me please!!


ruth said…
Sarah you are a beautiful mom and your kids look like so much fun and so happy in 'still life' aka photos! I don't know much about kids but I like to tell myself: 'this too shall pass' when I'm sick of life. Jesus is using these trials to develop your character...and theirs. I'm not sure if you've read this blog but I've found it helpful and she talks a lot about trials with her children: She also has a lot of good book recommendations that might be useful. Praying for you!!

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