Meet the latest

Here is my newest niece, Neve Raven...

(thanks for the photo, Heather)

All went well and safely. They are home and I'm looking forward to seeing her soon!

*UPDATED TO ADD...the picture makes that hand look large I think, as the babe is a good 7 1/2lbs. Just right!!


Melissa said…
Oh my word, she looks SO teeny!!! Precious!
MamaVee said…
that is one tiny teeny baby!
OH! ! she DOES look tiny! ! a REAL babe! What a little dolly. Might take a while to fill those booties!
well it's allll in perspective as to me any babe under 9 pounds is just amazing ; )
Lisa said…
So cute! Congrats to all!
And yes, in my experience too, 7.5 lbs IS super tiny!

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