Into the new year with a new you

As most of you will confess...every year starts with the same resolution to get more fit and be healthier, lose weight etc. etc. I am sure I've had that resolution since I was 18. I must say that this year I really am making a huge effort. I am still attending a step class for an hour on Monday mornings, and just started a bootcamp on Friday mornings. I also just bought a Jillian Michaels DVD to do on Wednesdays (the 30 day shred) and started it today. I figured if I could guarantee I was doing some purposeful exercise 3 days a week, that I could possibly see some good results from it. I would love to say that I'll work out 5x a week, but I figure 3x is a good start. Running to and from school and their activities should count for something too.
The tricky part for me will be the food intake. What can I say, I like food! I don't think I'd ever be good at cutting foods out, so I should just work on cutting them in half instead!

What are you doing in 2011 to stay fit??


Well, I'm taking Deep Water Aerobics once a week, and going to the pool another day, and trying to do the same actions while there. More walking, lots of vacuuming and mopping and stretches, and not avoiding the stairs whenever I think of something at the other level.

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