Just keep knitting...just keep knitting...

I think it lowers stress!

Would you believe our microwave died this past week, and then today (while baking cookies), my oven element completely shorted out and made a nasty noise and there was a large flashing red/orange light. Freaked me out...the thing broke in two and that was the end of baking cookies.
Anyway, although we've needed a new stove since we moved in, we were able to buy a new element to stick in there and take our time to find a good stove instead of rushing out to buy one out of necessity. Our microwave we can do without for awhile as we search for a good one and have use of the stove. Funny how easily I get used to warming up my tea and my hot bag for my neck. Also funny how I totally depend on the stove clock, and when G turned the power off of the stove, the clock stopped and so did time apparently. (I was SO late to pick up the kids today!!)
So I'm nearly finished my first Norweigan toque. I have one just like it that G's grandma made for me 6 years ago that I have worn every winter since. Love it. Especially the ear flaps. So I knew that if I ever learned to knit, that I would make another just like it.

I'll take a better picture when it's done...still need to finish all the bottom edges.

Off to my "Knotty Knitters" club!! Talk to you soon...


Good attitude! I'm glad you were close at hand and turned the oven off right away - and that Greg was able to replace the element. We've got the Consumer Reports to check out appliances, if you want to.
Nice hat! good for all this fresh snow : )

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