I always feel whike...

We got this 80's music hits CD from Wendy's in the summer. Shea LOVES it. This is his favorite song. Unfortunately he's not singing every word as usual as he's also busy eating, but you get the idea.
What a ham. I really love this kid.
He is definitely my little side-kick these days and I know he loves being just with me as much as I enjoy being just with him (while the other two are in school). The big boys (dad included), all went up snowboarding tonight, so it was Shea and I ALL day long. I had my friend over this morning to work out with me and he watched a show on the computer while we were busy. Then we headed out to the store to get groceries and he helped me put all the items in the cart and then on the til. We ate our lunch together, played a little Mario Cart. I baked a cake, cupcakes, supper, we ate, sang, shoveled the driveway, played a little Lego Star Wars, read stories and then snuggled in bed. He really doesn't care to be farther than a few feet from me. If I leave the room to go to the washroom or put away something, he frantically will search the house and scream out my name. It can be both sweet and irritating! Thankfully he doesn't mind if I leave him with dad or the grandma's. He also really loves Sunday school. I can't believe he'll be starting preschool in the fall.


PRECIOUS boy! So glad he gets to be your companion this year. His temperament is so much like yours at that age - endearing and entertaining.

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