Here we are already, at the countdown to Christmas, with the boys finishing up their school this week. It's been so busy with concerts, parties and things to do and buy.
Wow. Christmas is expensive this year!!
Here's a photo of my finished booties...

I have a few more things to finish up and other things I hope to make.
I got my wainscoting painted white, and the walls filled, sanded and primed the big spots...

I know. I know! It looks even more boring than before...but just you wait's going to be great. I'm thinking it might not get done til the new year, as I still haven't found the perfect fabric to match the paint to, but it'll happen.
I'm just sipping on some Candy Cane green tea. I've been drinking a lot of tea lately, as my throat is starting to feel yucky and I REFUSE to be sick this Christmas! Everyone around me is snotty, but I will not go down!
Speaking of tea, my friend Lisa bought this for my birthday, and it has been great...

For loose leaf tea, on-the-go!! It makes a great gift idea too, if you need one!
Anyway...there was my babble with pictures for the day...hope you enjoyed it!


Those are CUTE booties! I hope you get to at least ONE fabric store during the holidays and find the PERFECT thing! then it'll be fun to proceed
Lisa said…
Super cute baby booties! You are inspiring me in the knitting department! Also glad that the tea mug has proved useful! I'm in the same thing right now, I refuse to give in and become sick over the holidays this year!

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