the big girl in the back

So my "Core, cardio and more" class ended two Mondays ago. I took last Monday off, and then this Monday, I braved a new gym with a friend and joined in her one hour step aerobics class!
Oh my word, I haven't done step aerobics since the 80's. Ok, well not quite, but let's official class (I guess the Wii fit doesn't count), since 1998. That was the year I lived in Mexico and was working out almost daily at the Gold's Gym. I was the big white girl in the back who sweat like a dog and was trying my best to keep up.
My friend had warned me that her first time was almost pointless, as by the time she'd get a step, they'd be onto the next move and she felt like she was behind the whole time. I actually did ok!? There were a few moves I had to pretend I knew what was going on, but most I could handle with relative smoothness. However, hiding a beet red face was harder. Not from being shy either, but from pure over-heating. I don't sweat right, my face gets hotter and hotter, and it looks like I may just explode. Embarrassing. Oh well, I survived, and I'm sure it'll only get easier from here on in.

On the weekend we did a lot of setting up. Got bunks for the two younger boys and set them up (taking down two other beds and moving one over to the next room). Big improvement!! And then we got our Christmas tree and set that up along with the nativity set, my lights and garland in the kitchen, the little bell chiming guys, the stockings, wreaths, etc. I Love Christmas!!


Faith and Mark said…
I did a step arobics class last year in Caronport and loved it. Haven't braved out yet to find one here yet.
You're right, these things are definetly easier with friends.
Hey - that cutie in the back is MY girl! You're awesome! Keep up the good work!

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