Spring in the air....

It was around 24 degrees celcius today!! As quick as the hot weather ended last summer and the crisp fall weather arrived, so has the cold left in turn for the HOT. We have had record lows in snow/rainfall, so I am worried this will be a dry smoky summer. The fire crews are all ready getting prepared for a busy season.
We've had lots going on in the yard. We still have this massive ditch where our old deck had been. Greg had knocked out a section of concrete that is still just beat up gravel. We need to do a lot of work back there yet. We did get some plants moved, the garden retaining wall fixed up, the gutters cleaned out, about 10 wheelbarrow loads of dirt added to our pond garden, flower seeds planted, the pond cleaned up and fountain put back in. It is starting to look good, but we have a ways to go. I am looking forward to posting pictures once it's finally over. There are days where I miss my postage stamp sized low maintenance yard!!
We are also taking plenty of time to enjoy this great weather. Right after dinner, we threw our dishes in the sink and ran out to a park to fly kites. The boys just love being outside, and especially at parks. The evenings fly by as we try to play, clean up, do homework, and do the bedtime routine of stories, teeth and tucking in. It seems hard to fit everything we need to do into a day!


Bloggy Mama said…
I hear ya... I often think I'd like an extra few hours... but those would just get full, too.

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