For the past few days, at 4pm, I have had to strip the boys naked and hose them off before letting them set foot back in the house. I was busy emptying out the winters worth of slop/leaves and needles from my pond, while I let them make mud patties in our ditch of a backyard. They have had plenty of fun, but ugg, the mess!! And sadly, when you spend your days in the gorgeous outdoors at the parks, and in the yard as we have...the house becomes a dumping ground of dirty clothes and dishes. I get that quick reminder of how the next few months of our year will be like. Summers are always super busy in Salmon Arm. It is rather unfortunate that friends come to visit, the weather is great, the yard needs work, the beach and parks are calling, and the house is a constant state of chaos ALL at the same time. The winters are dark, long and boring. The house stays relatively clean but you go stir crazy!! And then you contrast that with the utter busy full days of summer. It's like everything happens all at once in one huge blast called SUMMER. But oh, I love it so.

Bring it on.


You are a cutey-patootie! ! I love how you love summer.
I know the kids are young - but it's time to do the "OK everyone - the next half hour is CLEAN-UP time!" It's a way to give yourself that outdoor time too. I'm wondering if you could use some cubicles in your back entrance? or make a bit more space in that back storage area to "hide" things in. How about a Saturday box? ? stuff disappears if not put away. I think a part of the bed-time routine should include a few minutes of putting stuff away. It's a pain - but a good habit. . . .
yada yada yada. . . ooops! enjoy that sunshine! ! !
Bloggy Mama said…
Ha! Yep, I agree. Bring it!

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