On foot

Greg is away for work again. Why you ask? Well, as some of you know or may not know...Greg kept his job in Calgary and has been doing it from home this whole time (online). He works for Edge Marketing, which is primarily an online business that sells insoles! Check it out. He is a web developer and works on writing the code to make their website look presentable and easy for users. The actual work he does is usually WAY over my head, so we'll just leave it at that. The company has an office in Vancouver and one in Calgary. We happen to be in the middle, so he takes turns going between the two for various meetings and conferences. He started working for this company in 2004, so has been there awhile. Between us, we have a nice collection of insoles, socks and sandals and appreciate the product, so that is a bonus. They are coming up with these new slides soon (as opposed to between the toe sandals). I hope I like them, as they would be nice to have on my hard cold tile floors.
So we are on our own again, and without the van. The closest airport is in Kelowna, so for him to fly (nevermind the cost) and then need to rent wheels when he gets there, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It's just mainly an inconvenience and makes us appreciate that we moved walking distance from school! Thankfully we also have family around who can offer us rides when I'm desperate.
Hoping he enjoys his "break" (not from work, but from small town and kids) and I am sure glad he works so hard for us (and always comes home in the end)!


Greg said…
You might have to stay on the penalty kill for an extra day Honey. We just had a full-on blizzard here. Everything has been blasted with sticky snow.
Bloggy Mama said…
Wishing Greg safe travels and you, a happy reunion!

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