So we have been bombarded by nasty stupid people who seem to think it is fun to steal from children. You may have heard (via facebook) that my jogger buggy was taken right out of my driveway. It has since been returned as I put up posters everywhere and a nice kid who found it in his area, brought it back to me. But now I just realized that our little tikes red car is also hijacked and our go cart. We don't have a garage, or a locking shed, so we need to start hauling things indoors. And now last wallet was also swiped. I was an idiot and left it in the van. I usually leave it in there when I'm out running to the school or the park and don't want it around my neck. Well, I left it in there overnight under the seat, and apparently the robbers were back for a 3rd time this month and took off with it. I know it was stupid of me to leave it in there, and it was an honest mistake which I am now paying for. We called Visa and the *jerk* has already used my card to fill his gas tank and go buy a few other things around town. What makes me the most upset is the things in my wallet which I can't replace, ie. the pictures and the cards. I have to get my new debit, license etc. all yet. Right now I'm just downright bummed out. I thought this small town would be much safer than Calgary, but I've been proved wrong yet again! Lock up, peoples!

UPDATE: So I've been visiting the various offices and bank to change cards over and get a new license and so on. I've been on the phone with 7-11 and Chevron, where my card was used, to ensure they are saving their security tapes and could give me any info on what was spent. The idiot used my card to pay his Telus Mobility airtime, so you would THINK that they will have this guys name and address as I have the Visa number, the amount, date and time that he used my card to pay his bill. Well I spent an hour on the phone with Telus and they kept asking me for the phone number and/or account #. Of COURSE I don't have his phone number...your client is using MY Visa to pay his account. hands are tied...I feel like I've done all I can and now only the cops can get any further information. It's so hard to wait. I guess I'm hoping that they will either get the guy, and/or best case scenario attain even part of my wallet. The Visa, debit and drivers etc. are useless even if they were recovered, but it's all those other little things like library/medical cards that would be nice to get back.


Bloggy Mama said…
So sorry, Sarah. That's lame!
Anna said…
That sucks. Loser. Anything else missing from the van? Did they do any damage?
Lisa said…
What?? That's so frustrating! Hopefully you get your wallet stuff sorted out soon. Good idea about putting up the posters. Maybe you should put out more posters warning your neighbours of the stealing jerk. Seriously - who takes a go-kart from a child?! Grrr.
Melissa said…
My card was stolen once, and the guy racked up about $3000.00 really quickly. I didn't have to pay a single red cent of it; Visa totally covered everything. I don't know if they ever caught the guy who did it, but I didn't have to worry about anything moneywise.

But yes, your other personal stuff... what a terrible feeling. Very violating!! :(

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