Time to get outta here!

I know!! I've talked about it since before our 10th anniversary, and now it is finally happening. Greg and I will be taking off for a whole three nights at a hot springs and a day of skiing. We won't be too far away, yet I'm sure it'll feel like we are. No kids. No cooking. Lots of US time.
It's taking many hours to coordinate all the things that will have to take place while we're away. I'm thankful that my mom will stay here and in-laws will help when they can.

Greg has been away in Calgary since Wednesday and comes home tomorrow. We've had to figure out a new system as I don't have wheels and don't have G here to watch Shea (while he naps) so I can run get the boys from school. It has gone pretty smoothly considering, but it also makes me anticipate the coming holiday even more!!


Bloggy Mama said…
So fun. I'm excited for you.
Oh Sarah - something to add to your list of things to do. . . could you guys write out notes for me on how to use the DVD/Wii/Stereo. . . I'm sure the boys know, but just in case I need to know for me!
Lisa said…
Yipee!! Good for you guys!! When do you leave? Hope you have an amazing, relaxing time.
Anonymous said…
good for you!
Faith and Mark said…
I hope that you and Greg have a relaxing time away.
Anonymous said…

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