It's February, isn't it.

I don't hate February...there is just not anything overly special about this time of the year, is there. Lucky for us, we DO have the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!! We've been watching things here and there...those CRAZY ski cross people!! The wild crashes in the bobsleds!! The quick sneaky moves of the speed skaters! The suspense of the hockey game!! Wild...all of it. I like that the kids are getting more than the usual demonstration of national pride. We do live in a BEAUTIFUL country.
So I made the mistake of taking a tour of a new house next door to my in-laws. It was so big and clean and everything was of course, NEW. Sigh. I'm surrounded by old around our house, with an endless list of things that need fixing, and I have a hard enough time keeping it tidy, nevermind fixed!! The kitchen in this new place was one of the biggest I have been in. The island was large enough to fit 6 stools on the one side. The pantry was a corner walk in, the size of a small corner store. Anyway, it was pretty awesome. And isn't it funny that although it was awesome, it still wouldn't suit our family. I had to keep telling myself the downers of the place (only 2 finished bedrooms, dining right in the living area, office right off the living room, ridged laminate...for example) to prevent myself from moving ourselves into the house that night (in my dream). I absolutely love the moving in part of moving, and would have such a blast filling those pot drawers! Oh well. Maybe I need to paint my bedroom. Might help me feel better?
My friend is doing something new over at her house...what'll it be???!!


Bloggy Mama said…
I'm there with you. We are totally looking into moving. Maybe this change will be enough for us to stifle the move bug until we are better equipped to afford it... or at least make our house look more appealing ;)

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