Is it a girl thing??

My hubby always likes to bug me about how much I enjoy shows that contain a big REVEAL or a reunion. I am not an overly dramatic person, but that part of the show where the curtain is pulled aside and the freshly renovated kitchen is seen, or that long-lost family member is reunited...AKK!! I LOVE it! It sucks me in every time. Greg is always saying in his sarcastic tone... "OOooooo...the big reveal!!" I can't help it!?
I know I'm not alone...
I stayed up late tonight to watch Oprah who has people reunited with their birth emotional.
Here is the big quote on the show..."You can't find peace until you find the pieces of your life." (Troy from The Locator)


Heather said…
Aww man that sounds like a good show wish I had seen it! I love the reveal!
I'm sure you're NOT alone, or shows with a big reveal would be long gone! I think it keeps a LOT of us hooked right through the bitter end, and all the commercials it takes to GET there : D

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