Pool time

Today we hit the pool. It was our first day of lessons that will carry on through the month of February, twice a week. Of course this is also the day that Greg had to leave for work in Calgary and Shea refused to take a nap. Double bonus! Thankfully mom let me borrow her wheels and off we flew to the pooldeck.
Riley rushed off for his lesson and was straight into the water. Shea caught sight of the baby pool and was down to his skinnies before I could say "hold up!". Liam thankfully has a passion for coloring and went straight to work with his felts we had brought. In half an hour, the trade off happened and it was Liam's turn to hit the pool. I scrambled to keep Shea occupied and out of the water. Thankfully auntie Marie was there and as always, was equipped with enough snacks for us to steal extra to keep Shea happy for 2 extra min. After checking out every gumball machine for stray candy, Shea had stripped down again with the intention to hop in when I wasn't looking!! Poor kid, I should have just brought his suit and mine and paid for us too! Anyway, by the time Riley and Liam were both done, we hit the family change rooms and he was so desperate to hit the water that when the bigger two were in the shower, he near jumped in. So I finally just gave in and took his clothes off and let him have a quick shower! He loved it and screamed when it was time to leave. Didn't help that it was dinner time and he was SO tired.
The good side of this story is that it was actually quite comical. It took up the whole afternoon, and left all of us very chilled out for the rest of the evening. They ate dinner without a fuss. I got to put Shea to bed an hour before the other two and it ended up being the quietest bedtime in a long time!


Ahhhh the life with three little men! so fun! treasure the memories!
Lisa said…
Yeesh, I understand this one! That was us in fall (and will be again in March). Yup, I just brought my suit and sat in the tot pool with Sawyer - much less stressful than trying to keep him out!
Bloggy Mama said…
Why do swimming lessons have to be so miserable, hey? Us too!!

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