We spent the last five days in the forest.

(That sounded better than saying we were camping!)
We had thought ahead, booked a site in Herald Park and went out on Monday morning. We somehow timed it perfectly again with high 30 degree weather, yet our spot was in the trees. It was PERFECT. We had never camped in the tree section of that park before, so it was a new experience for us and was such a good change from sweating to death in the field.
As we were setting up camp, I couldn't believe that Elizabeth and her family and friends were setting up right next door! What a fluke! We were quite excited. I had only met her once in "real life" though we've been blog friends for a few years. Greg hadn't met them yet, and we had many good laughs around the fire. (Yay! the fire ban was called off while we were there.)
I took a "holiday" from my camera and didn't even bring it, but here are some pictures that Elizabeth took of us...

They have two kids, and one on the way...her friends have three, and with our three, we took over most of the camp! Our lego tent was a big hit, and the kids all became one happy family. Though it wasn't on purpose, we thank you for letting us crash your annual campout with friends!
Now on to finish this deck!


That looks like a LOT of fun! Smart to have a "LEGO" tent! What good entertainment. Funny to have pavement for Shea to use the "car". Looks like a good time had by all. So glad you had great weather!
Was that ONE little girl in the crowd? ?
Kristin said…
That is so neat that you guys ended up right beside each other!
And how fun to be able to have a camp fire, it is such a part of camping.
Sarah said…
The two youngest were girls!
Kaili said…
I saw Elizabeth's photos on facebook and saw you. I thought of my gosh they are so close they went camping together. So fun that is a total fluke! LOVE the lego tent! Isn't it nice when all the kids play well together? So fun!
Anna said…
How cool that you had friends unexpectedly right there!
Bloggy Mama said…
The thing is, Sarah, we're now going to have to make it an annual event. We all loved hanging out with you guys!!
Lisa said…
Lego tent - that is genius!
Looks like so much fun!

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