Get outta' town

The other morning, we realized that Greg's first week of holidays was going by at a speedy rate, and so we needed to get going or doing something before it was over. There is always so much to do in Salmon Arm in the summer. We have many projects half-way completed, we have lawns to tend, friends to visit, beaches to swim at, and three kids to entertain. Time goes SO fast!
On Wednesday we ran out of town to visit The Enchanted Forest again. It is so nice there. The kids loved it. Shea only sleeps for about 10 minutes in the van, so he wasn't fully rested and cried every time we made him move from one little house to the next, but otherwise it was so fun. The older boys remember it from last year and love all the places they can explore.

We came home and slept in our own beds. Then the next morning we spontaneously fled to Langley to stay at a hotel with a wonderful waterslide. We let the kids wear out their bathing suits to their hearts content, and filled the rest of our two days with back-to-school shopping! Oh how I miss Old Navy! And we hit IKEA where our two older boys could play for the hour while we shopped. Sweet!

So we had our "city" holiday, and our next week of holidays will be spent back camping by the lake.


LIAM! ! ! You did the big slide! ! Whoo HOOOO! ! looks like lots of fun!
Bloggy Mama said…
Oh, awesome!! I love those spontaneous family getaways. I'm craving one, now...
Love ya!!
teresa said…
We LOVE the Enchanted Forest and have been a few times on our trips to BC. Such great memories there. And I think it's so cool that you vacationed in Langley!!! I spent the first 18+ years of my life there, and never once stayed in a Langley hotel or shopped at Old Navy. (That was way after my time). However, I have stayed at a hotel in Salmon Arm a few times!! Happy summering!

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