Future keepers!

Wow, parenting is a full-time occupation. It is so much more than feeding, cleaning, helping them get their sleep, taking them to school, blah de blah de blah. I didn't realize how much of a TEACHER I would need to be. Teach them to ride their bike, to chew with their mouth closed, to use an inside voice, to wipe their bums, to eat their veggies, to share... We have now expanded to chores. I put up charts this week with one daily chore they need to accomplish. I have kept it pretty simple at first, dusting, cleaning the mirrors, getting the bathroom garbages to the kitchen one, helping with making supper, setting the table, helping wash dishes, tidying the basement toys, etc. Surprisingly the boys are THRILLED with the new lists of things that they get to do. Moms, you all know...it is MUCH easier to do the job yourself. But this is good...Riley did an amazing job with the garbages and he LOVES to cook!! These boys are going to be fine husbands if I can keep this up.


Bloggy Mama said…
Excellent job and inspiration, Sarah!!
That's my girl! ! (you make me proud)
Heather said…
Awesome :)
Can I arrange a marriage with one or 2 of your boys? I am in need of 2 good husbands in oh say 20 years??? What do you say? I could draw up a contract ;P
Lisa said…
Man I love assigning chores! Jaxson is in charge of taking out garbages, making his bed, sweeping the kitchen, and helping clean up toys. Eli is in charge of sorting recycling, making his bed, setting the table, and helping clean up toys. I often end up doing these things again when they're sleeping or gone, but it's the principle of the thing! Good for you! And how cute are Riley & Liam in their little aprons?!

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