A bunch of lunch

I have been packing lunches for Riley for a few years now. It gets a little hard to be creative, making sure it is healthy but is something that he will actually eat. The kid hates sandwiches. He loves dessert. But he fortunately loves fruits and veggies too.
So this is what he's been eating in the last 9 school days...

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory ...I included some rolled up maple ham or teriaki chicken. In the containers was often cooked veggies or salad and ichiban chicken soup in the thermos. The "processed foods" are applesauce, granola bars, yogurt tubes, pudding and a yogurt roll up. I make my own applesauce and buy yogurt in tubs, but find it always easier to send it in individual packs. Oh, and there's a baked potato in one lunch...I wonder if he ate that?! He always drinks water. Like most kids, he would eat his favorites every day, soup being at the top of his list. He loves noodle soup so much that he eats it for recess!!
Anyway...maybe it gave some of you "school moms" some new ideas, or you'd care to share yours?


Bloggy Mama said…
Great ideas! Hunter just started pre-school, today, so I'll be needing some ideas.
Yum! I wish someone would pack me lunches daily! Your creativity is awesome. I tend to do the same thing several days in a row - depending on what I have on hand. I buy the cheesy buns, slice and freeze them, then make one a day with lunch meats or tuna, cheese and some green stuff (relish or pickles if not fresh). The odd time I'll put in stuff for Dad to assemble his own sandwich if I think it'll get soggy. Let's pass on the great time saving habit of freezing pre-wrapped baking and keeping it in a bin set aside JUST for packed lunches!
Sarah said…
Yes, mom...did you notice my packaged cookies (peanut butter ones) that I made and have frozen to grab.

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