Can't wait!

My brother and his wife are due with their baby in a few weeks! We are looking forward to the new addition!! I think her big brother is too!


Anna said…
Oh gosh, he looks like Luke! Very cute photo and I can't wait either!
Lisa Baerg said…
Does Pam still have her hair in dreads? Judging by that perfect little belly, and wearing dreads - she's probably the coolest mama out there!
Very cute picture!
Bloggy Mama said…
Adorable. Good luck to them!
So sweet! You make blogging so much fun! (at least looking at yours, anyway!)
lanagummeson said…
Oh man - SUCH a nice picture! I love your photography Sarah. We just got our 9th - a baby girl named Jenna Joy on Feb 8th - so it looks like your family is keepin up (though my sisters have 5 and 4 and I am the loser not contributing in this area). Thanks for sharing@!

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