20 random things I remember

1. I remember when I HAD to curl my bangs under in front and rolled back at the back or I could never face the public.
2. I remember that some of the kids who were in my cabin (and I was their counselor) had underarm hair before I did.
3. I remember laughing about a joke with my brother until I peed my pants.
4. I remember doing jumping jacks and sit ups with my family as a group exercise that was set out for us in this little book.
5. I remember dancing and dancing in my papa and nanny's living room.
6. I remember many fun times running around through the church basement and classrooms with my friends in the dark.
7. I remember knowing that I was one of the last kids in my kindergarden class to tie her shoelaces.
8. I remember thinking I was fat, long before I ever was!
9. I remember being super nervous on my drivers test, and crying after it was over, even though I had passed!
10. I remember the trip over to Israel and arriving when it was dark and hot.
11. I remember when your pants had to be tapered and if they weren't, you had to do the tuck and fold.
12. I remember getting the butterflies when a boy would grab my hand.
13. I remember learning how to do cursive handwriting.
14. I remember the ring of fire, three times over.
15. I remember calling the radio station? at a certain time and you could listen to a Bible story.
16. I remember asking a lady while she was breastfeeding if one side was milk and the other side was water.
17. I remember listening to Kids Praise tapes and pretending I was one of the singers.
18. I remember learning to swim.
19. I remember thinking my parents were old when they were in their 30's.
20. I remember wanting to stay up late and faking the cry in my room as long as I could and my parents would NEVER give in. I tried.


Bloggy Mama said…
Awesome. Totally awesome.

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