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Baby card
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I made some cards today...mostly for our special moms, but I needed one for a baby shower this week, so I did this one up. I used to make cards a lot when Riley was little. I was quite seriously into it, and that's when I thought up the name "SarahDzines" to write on the back of them. I bought a box of 500 square envelopes and I've used every one of them...hence I've made and given away/sold over 500 of them!! Once we added Liam to the family I barely made any...just the odd one for a baby or birthday. Since Shea, I think I've made just a few. I enjoy it, but I don't have a place where I can spread out all my tools and leave them there, so it's more work than fun at this point. The boys eyes go wide as saucers when they catch sight of my embossing powders, pretty papers, ribbons and cutters etc. It's almost as exciting as candy. I try to give them some scrap stuff to play with, but it gets pretty messy so I have to make them leave. Hence, the lack of paper crafting these days!


Bloggy Mama said…
Very nice card!!! I agree.. totally playtime for Mommy!

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